What is this thing?

This is my Microblog. Each post is called a micropost. They're short, title-less posts, that get cross-posted to Micro.blog and Mastadon. Basically like tweets, but hosted on my own server instead of Twitter (or X?).

Please don't take these posts too seriously, I don't put much thought into them. They're usually just status updates, jokes, or off-the-cuff thoughts.

Built myself a couple of admin pages so I can quickly create and edit microposts!

Took me a while to figure out what to do for auth — ended up building something on top of passkeys/webauthn. Pretty happy with the end result.

Tried out the new Passkeys/WebAuthn APIs in iOS 16 Safari — it’s actually a pretty slick experience since it’s all integrated into the OS and uses FaceID. Thinking about using it as the auth mechanism for posting to my microblog.

Also, after looking at my server logs just now, its crazy how much spam/bot/hack requests I get on my tiny-nothing-site. I guess they’re just bots cycling through IP addresses? It’d be fun to compile all the different URLs into a page and put it up on my site so people can see it.

Alrighty — got a basic version of my microblog up and running yesterday! 🎉

Used a sqlite database + little php for the pages and works like a charm! Even wired up the conditional get like recommended on the jsonfeed spec page, and from my logs it looks like micro.blog is leveraging it correctly, which is nice.

No image/attachment support yet — text only for now. Hope to add that in the future!