What is this thing?

This is my Microblog. Each post is called a micropost. They're short, title-less posts, that get cross-posted to Micro.blog and Mastadon. Basically like tweets, but hosted on my own server instead of Twitter (or X?).

Please don't take these posts too seriously, I don't put much thought into them. They're usually just status updates, jokes, or off-the-cuff thoughts.

My local pet store upgraded their point-of-sale system (which I’m guessing was at least 15 yrs old), to new hardware and accompanying software.

I kid you not, the new software is noticeably slower than the old one. We’re moving in the wrong direction folks. We can do better!

That feeling when you open a new jar of peanut butter, only realize your grave error… you bought crunchy instead of creamy 🤦‍♂️