👋 Howdy!

My name is Steven Schobert, and I'm a computer programmer.

Currently I work as a Lead Principle Software Engineer for Yum! Brands, where I help build their next-generation digital ordering platform. You probably know Yum better by its brands' names: 🍗 KFC, 🌮 Taco Bell, and 🍕 Pizza Hut.

I've been pretty heads down lately working on various non-public projects, so there isn't much content to see here. But you can reach out to me in various ways using the links below:

✉️ hello@stevenschobert.com
🛠️ github.com/stevenschobert
🎨 dribbble.com/stevenschobert
👔 linkedin.com/in/stevenschobert
📷 flickr.com/photos/schobert
💬 micro.blog/stevenschobert
🐘 mastodon.social/@stevenschobert