Steven Schobert

Video Game Developer

Hello Internets

My name is Steven Schobert. I'm a web developer & designer living in Dallas, Texas. If you don't know me feel free to say hi or read more about me.

I came into web development about a year ago when I left my IT support position at ITS and started full-time at Lockhart as a web developer. Since then, I've had the opportunity to learn a ton (I'm currently a one-man team) in everything from front-end html/css/javascript, to back-end php/ruby/python. I've really loved getting involved in the community in places like twitter and dribbble. The level of talent and participation out there is incredible. Seriously, you folks rock.

Lately I've been wanting a place to share my own thoughts and give back to the community, so I built one. I know that I am no where near finished learning, but hopefully the things I share along the way will help someone else.