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Video Game Developer

Monthly Service Costs: Student Edition

Chris Coyier wrote an article earlier this week about the monthly cost of services he uses for web development (read it here). I was fascinated so I jotted down some of my own services, but with a little twist.

Being a student and having just bought my first apartment, money is a little tight. Luckily for me, lots of really great services offer free & student pricing, so I'm to keep my list pretty short.

Student Accounts

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Student Edition ($29.99/month)
  • Github: Micro Plan (Student/Free)
  • Treehouse: Gold Plan (Student/Free)

I use the entire CS6 collection regularly, so it's my most expensive item on the list. Github offers free micro accounts for students, which fits my current needs really well. Also, I was lucky enough to win a scholarship from Treehouse.

Free Accounts

  • Dropbox: Basic (Free)
  • Amazon Web Services (Free)
  • Pagodabox: Basic (Free)

I use a combination of Dropbox, Arq, and AWS to keep all of my documents synced and backed up in the cloud. I use Pagodabox to host this blog.

  • Cheddar: Plus ($1.99/month)
  • Dribbble: Pro ($20/year)
  • Gauges: Solo ($6/month)
  • Verizon FIOS ($69.99/month)

Since my budget is so small, the service has to pretty special to make it on the paid list. I use Cheddar to keep my life organized, Dribbble to post design work, and Gauges to track my web traffic. My apartment is wired with Verizon FIOS, so I'm able to get 15Mbs/5Mbs, which is a plus.

Total Monthly Cost: $109.64

It's a pretty modest list, but it works really well for me at this point. I left out a couple services like Rdio & Hulu, since they are mainly for entertainment but are definitely worth buying nonetheless.

Have any recommendations for what I should add to the list next? Tweet them to me!